Blaze Christmas Gift Gude

Michaux Club bicycle handlebar tape leather reflective Hartley Cycles

Blaze Christmas Gift Gude

Win a set of our Cork Handlebar Plugs!

Win a set of our British made cork handlebar plugs as part of the Blaze Christmas Gift Guide.
Submit your name and email address to be entered into the draw with a chance to win:
Our cork handlebar plugs are British made by a heritage company supplying cork products since 1822.

The cork we use is sourced in Portugal, where 54% of the World’s cork production originates from.  The cork industry is regarded as environmentally friendly due to the sustainable production, minimal environmental impact and the ease of recycling cork by-products.  Cork trees are only mature enough for bark harvesting until they are at least 25 years old, when they are harvested once every nine years thereafter!

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