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Claire Taylor, Michaux Club Ara Backpack, Dutch Bike

Claire Tayler reviews our Ara Backpack

I’ve taken (my Ara backpack) everywhere for two months solidly. It’s exactly what it wants to be: a gorgeous, fashionable messenger bag. I never look like a cyclist with it. Not that I mind that, but it’s nice to have kit that straddles style and...

Adrianne Hill world record

Global challenger

Globaller challenger Adrianne Hill attempts a new record crossing the world by 80% cycling, 11% running and 9% Stand-up paddlebaording....

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Jude Brosnan | Journalist

"I cycle through Hyde Park and see horses. You don’t see horses on the tube." Cycling up to 30 miles daily on her Mexican-wrestler themed ‘Mexibike’ Jude seamlessly combines her love for cycling and creative writing by blogging for various cycling editorials....

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Lizzie Burns | Founder of EA Burns Studio

"I tend to have a lot to carry so my Lightning Rucksack is perfect to fit my laptop along with samples and materials. " Designer and stylist Lizzie Burns, is the creative force behind EA Burns; a label specialsing in high impact statement accessories. ...

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Clarice Price Thomas | Jeweller

"I cycle everyday that I can and I find it helps me get into the right mindset for the day ahead, I love it." Clarice is an award winning jeweller known for her contemporary designs, technical ability and attention to detail....

  • Caz Nicklin Cyclechic Michaux Club
  • Caz Nicklin Cyclechic Michaux Club
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  • Caz Nicklin Cyclechic Michaux Club
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Caz Nicklin | Cyclechic

"It was a combination of being frustrated in my job and hugely inspired by cycling that led me to set up my own business." Founder of entrepreneur Caz Nicklin’s mission is to promote cycling as a desirable lifestyle choice; encouraging more women to take to...

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Britanny Garrett | PR Executive

"After cycling and getting fresh air in the morning it seems there is no going back to the tube." New Yorker Brittany Garrett ventured to England with a thirst to explore the creativity and culture our capital city has to offer....

  • Alice Vincent
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Alice Vincent | Journalist

“When I’m on my bike, it gives me quiet, distraction-free mind space. It’s where I do my thinking.” Entertainment Writer for The Telegraph, Alice can often be found reporting from music and literature festivals, covering entertainment news and reporting features about film, music, books and art....

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Naomi Mahendran | Brand Consultant

"I can't help smiling when cycling across London Bridge on a morning when the sun shines brightly with the Thames and Tower Bridge in the distance." Naomi spends her time exploring the city on her custom built bike, working on a variety of projects across London....