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Britanny Garrett | PR Executive

   After cycling and getting fresh air in the morning it seems there is no going back to the tube.

Hailing from New York, Brittany Garrett ventured to England with a thirst to explore the creativity and culture our capital city has to offer.  We spoke to Brittany to learn more about her style and influences here in London and how she styles her Michaux Lightening Rucksack.


MX: How long have you lived in London and what inspired you to move from New York to the UK?

Brittany Garrett:  I have been living in London for almost 4 years and I came to London to soak up British fashion, music, art and the lifestyle.


MX:  Could you give us a brief background into your career and what lead you to your current position at Push PR?

BG:  Before starting at Push PR  I made my mark in the industry by working in various magazines, from GQ to Harper’s Bazaar. Whilst working in magazines I had a very close contact with PRs on a day to day and I loved all the creativity that goes into it.


MX: How do you find cycling culture and attitudes differ between New York and London and what do you think influences these differences?

BG: In New York you are always on the go, life is in the fast lane. In London though cyclists seem manic, it feels like you’re almost in a little club and you give each other space. Maybe because New York is so small!


MX: How does cyclestyle differ between New York and London?

BG: I think it’s quite similar actually. There are the cyclists that take it very seriously with full on cycling gear and then there are the people like me who wear dresses and flip-flops.


MX: Tell is about your cycle commute to work.

BG: I live in Camden, so luckily it’s not a far cycle. It only takes me 20 minutes max to get to work. I literally cycle every day, even in the rain. After cycling and getting fresh air in the morning it seems like there is no going back to the tube.


MX: With your background in the fashion industry how do you integrate cyclestyle into your everyday wardrobe and what key pieces do you find work best for cycling?

BG: My bike is about 20 years old and it’s pretty heavy, so I cycle pretty slow. Luckily this gives me the opportunity to wear what I want. On the days where I want to wear heels, they hang in my basket and my Toms are my go-to cycling shoe.


MX: What is your favourite bag from the Michaux range and why? Tell us a bit about how you use it, where you go with it and what you carry in it?

BG: My favourite bag is the Michaux Lightning Rucksack in Claret. I love the colour combination and it can fit my day to day which is usually a pair of shoes, purse, headphones and lunch!


If you want to know more about Brittany Garrett or get in contact with her, visit


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