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Jude Brosnan | Journalist

"I cycle through Hyde Park and see horses. You don’t see horses on the tube." Cycling up to 30 miles daily on her Mexican-wrestler themed ‘Mexibike’ Jude seamlessly combines her love for cycling and creative writing by blogging for various cycling editorials....

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Clarice Price Thomas | Jeweller

"I cycle everyday that I can and I find it helps me get into the right mindset for the day ahead, I love it." Clarice is an award winning jeweller known for her contemporary designs, technical ability and attention to detail....

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Naomi Mahendran | Brand Consultant

"I can't help smiling when cycling across London Bridge on a morning when the sun shines brightly with the Thames and Tower Bridge in the distance." Naomi spends her time exploring the city on her custom built bike, working on a variety of projects across London....

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