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New prices on our british made bags

New Prices on our British Made bags

Changing the way we do business . We at Michaux believe that quality, honesty and value are important. . In order for us to give you the best we can, we've changed the way we do business. . We are now selling direct to you with no concessions. This means we...

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Marginal Gains

Improve your winter commute with our Ara Backpack. Every feature of our Ara backpack is designed to make your journey better. Performance Materials. Lightweight waterproof canvas. Breathable padding. Durable Italian leather. Reflective piping....

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360 Wardrobe Essentials | Ara Backpack

Functional Fashion to take you through your day from cycle commute, to office, and out in style. Suitable for any place, all the time.   We've curated a collection of our favourite style inspiration that works just as well on and off your bicycle so you can move comfortably and look chic all...

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