Lightweight Urgestalt Gold 24

Michaux Club_Urgestalt, gold handlebar tape

Lightweight Urgestalt Gold 24

If the $24,000 price tag is out of budget, get a small piece of the luxury with our Michaux Club gold handlebar tape instead.

Our Michaux Club gold handlebar tape is wrapped on the newly launched Lightweight limited edition URGESTALT GOLD 24 road bike.

Lightweight is a company renowned for it’s highly technical and incredibly light carbon wheels.  Now the brand has applied their Germanic attention to detail in their new Urgestalt bike frame.

“Our vision in developing Urgestalt was to replicate all the technical attributes of our wheelsets in a race bike frame.  Like our wheelsets, Urgestalt was developed to perfectly harness the power of the rider and transfer it to the wheels without loss.” – Lightweight Urgestalt

So why the impressive price tag?  Aside from the $24,000 price tag (that’s £18,000), only 24 have been created in the entire world, so you can rest assured you’ll stand out on the road. The other part of the 24 theme is that all the graphics are rendered in 24 carat gold.

Not to mention the complete bike weighing a total 5.7kg (that’s less than half the weight of our trusty commuter bike.)


Any serious rider looking for a high quality, visually unique and technically impressive road bike would be keen to indulge in this.

Treat your self with a set of our gold handlebar tape and gain a piece of the action.

Michaux Club gold handlebar tape // £55 

Michaux Club_Urgestalt, gold handlebar tape 10 Michaux Club_Urgestalt, gold handleabr tape 1

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